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Given how Holmes and Watson are public domain characters, I have chosen to make them better.
(Notes under cut)

They're on the opposite ends of the autistic spectrum.
Shay has poor motor skills, stims a lot, misses social cues, is extremely articulate, has poor posture and is good with pattern recognition.
Joy, on the other hand, has very good motor skills, high empathy, is selective mute, impulsive and can't maintain eye contact.

Shay drinks... a lot of caffeinated alcoholic drinks. And has greying hair due to stress. They like wearing silly ties :) They've also removed all thoughts about gender identity from their brain to leave more space for crime solving.
Joy is a MD and moved in with Shay impulsively and she really can't believe how batshit crazy her roommate is. She runs a medical blog which slowly dissolves into more and more posts recording her roommate's behavior. She enjoys the occasional crime-solving, as it gives her something fun to do once in a while.

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